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2020 BTBA Player Registration

** New this year:  Payment Plan for early registration -- see below for details **

Important Dates

  • Player registration is open as of January 5, 2019
  • Registration for ages 8 – 14 year old will close at 11:59 pm February 22, 2020
  • Registration for ages 15 and older will also close at 11:59 pm February 22, 2020

Program Pricing & Policy

  • Player registration fee is $595 and must be paid prior to tryouts (March 7-8, 2020).
  • Payment is accepted by check or Credit Card. Mail checks to: PO BOX 385013, BLOOMINGTON MN 55438
  • If the player registration fee is not paid in full prior to tryouts, your child will not be allowed to tryout.
  • If you have a previous balance owed to BTBA from prior years, your child will not be allowed to tryout until the balance is paid.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS from BTBA for the player registration fee after a player has tried out and has been assigned to a team. In the event a player tries out and DOES NOT make a BTBA team, the player registration fee will be fully refunded.
  • Requests for registration made after close of registration will incur a $50 late fee

Early Registration Payment Plan --- with Credit Card

For registrations submitted January 5 through January 28
  • $200 is due at time of registration
  • $200 will be charged on January 29
  • $195 will be charged on February 19
For registrations submitted January 29 through February 18
  • $400 is due at time of registration
  • $195 will be charged on February 19
For registrations submitted after February 18
  • $595 is due at time of registration

Financial Assistance

Assistance may be available for those families needing help with the player registration fee. If would like to be considered for assistance, please contact BTBA Treasurer, Robert Chamberlain ( ), or BTBA President, Drew Squires ( ).

Player Eligibility

  • Players must live in Bloomington, MN or attend a Bloomington public school.  Please check Metro Baseball League website (mbl.bz) for age restrictions.
  • Players entering their freshman year of high school (15 year-olds) are permitted to tryout with the High School they plan to attend if they show the proper High School registration paperwork from their School or School District.
  • Players new to BTBA must turn 8 years old by May 1st, 2020 or be currently enrolled in 2nd grade. Conversely, players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before May 1st, 2020. The only approved “play up” situation is one that aligns players with their current grade. This will be closely monitored by BTBA Board of Directors.
  • NEW and RETURNING players are required to register with their GRADE. Our goal is to have all players entering their freshman year of High School at the same time even if a player’s date of birth allows the player to be eligible to play on more than one team. If there is a question as to the accurate registration for a player, you may be requested to provide proof of school registration and/or a birth certificate.


BTBA will field as many teams as possible based on the number of registrations. It is very important to register by the applicable deadline listed above so we can determine the number of teams to be formed at each age. BTBA must coordinate with MBL (see below) on the number of teams in each age group (i.e., AAA, AA, and A). We cannot guarantee a roster spot for each player who registers, but we will try and form as many teams as possible based on the player’s ability and the registration numbers, and we try to eliminate or reduce the number of players cut following tryouts.

Program Affiliation

BTBA belongs to the Metro Baseball League (www.mbl.bz). "The Metro Baseball League is a community based program. Players are eligible to participate on teams from the community in which they live with their parent(s) or legal guardian, or their school attendance area. In some cases a "natural baseball community" exists which may be a combination of nearby communities based on high school attendance area or other demographics. However, this is NOT intended to allow all-star or recruited teams to be formed. The MBL Board of Directors reserve the right to rule on any questionable situations."


By registering your child, you acknowledge the chance for injury to your child in pre-season clinics, tryouts, practices, scrimmages, workouts, regular season games, tournaments, and other team activities. As such, you agree when you register, you and your child waive any and all claims against the City of Bloomington, BTBA, BTBA Board of Directors, and BTBA coaches.
Should you have any questions or problems regarding the registration process, please contact BTBA President,
Drew Squires ( ).