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 Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get involved in traveling baseball?
Registration is on-line via the BTBA web site's registration tab. Registration will begin January 1st each year. There is a registration fee for this process. Simply fill out the registration and look for the tryout dates typically in March. The evaluation process is held to place kids at a level they will be most successful.
How much money does traveling baseball cost?
The cost of playing traveling baseball is $595.  This includes the cost of the uniform and tournament fees for all assigned tournaments.  There may be additional team specific fees for items such as indoor practices, ball cap embroidery, state tournament fees, etc. 
What is the length of the season?
Tryouts typically occur in late March with first practices beginning in early April. The regular season typically starts the last week of April with games continuing through June and playoffs through the third week of July. There are around 16 league games which are typically scheduled on weekday evenings, Mon-Thu, and are split between home and away.
How many weekends are involved?
Each team is registered for four State qualifying tournaments occurring on weekends in May and June. Based on results of these four tournaments, teams may qualify for one or more of the three different State tournaments held on weekends in July. Teams may also earn at large bids to one or more of these State tournaments.
Our family has a cabin. Is it OK to join travel baseball and have our son participate only
in those tournaments that work out for our family?
Teams rely on each player to field a team for games and hold effective practices. Players are expected to attend all practices, scrimmages, regular season games and tournament games unless absence is excused for injury, illness, school, etc. Trips to the cabin or other in season vacations are not excused absences unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. grandparents' 50th anniversary or a family wedding).
Where do they play?
The fields we use differ by age and are listed on the BTBA website. One half of the regular season games will be played on these fields.  All home games are played at Kent Hrbek fields for the 9-13 year olds. (Some 13 year old tournament games may be held at Kelly Fields.) The 14-16 year olds play their home games at Dred Scott fields.
Who can coach?
BTBA rely's on volunteers to coach our teams. Any adult willing to volunteer their time may volunteer to coach 10U - 14U. Coaches are selected based on kid placement and candidates are needed at all levels. BTBA conducts background checks of all candidates by verifying criminal history. 
Is BTBA all volunteers?
Yes, Bloomington Travel Baseball is an all volunteer organization.
Can I request that my child play with his friend?
No, friend requests cannot be met as team selection is based solely on tryouts. Parents may only request that their child not be considered for the AAA level by providing a written request to the BTBA president at least 24 hours prior to tryouts for consideration.  

Equipment and Uniforms

Is a special uniform required?
Yes. We require the players to purchase the uniforms supplied by BTBA.  The uniform is part of the program cost.  Each year you will receive a new jersey, pants, belt, socks and hat.  Additional pants and socks are available for an additional fee.
Does BTBA provide bats?
No.  Each player will be required to supply their own bat.  Bats must meet requirements supplied by the Metro Baseball League (www.mbl.bz).
How do I measure bats and what is a minus 9?
Bats come in different barrel sizes and are measured in length and weight. The difference between the length and weight is the differential. A 29 inch bat that weighs 20 ounces is a minus 9. A 30 inch bat that weighs 20 ounces is a minus 10. A regulation stating that the bats must be minus 9 or less means that the differential must be 9 or less. A 29/20 and a 30/21 are both minus 9 while a 30/22 is a minus 8 and is less than 9 and so is also acceptable under the minus 9 rule. A 30/20 is a minus 10 which is greater than 9 and is not allowed if the restriction is minus 9 or less. Please note that 10 year olds may only use 2 ¼” barrel bats. There is no differential limitation but the bat may not exceed 36” in length.
What are the barrel sizes of bats?
Barrel size is the bat diameter measured at its widest point. Barrel sizes are 2 ¼”, 2 3/8”, 2 1/2”, 2 5/8”, and 2 ¾”. For all bats except 2 ¼” there are length/weight differential
requirements that vary by age level. Bat size rules may be found on the Metro Baseball
League (www.mbl.bz) under the rules for each age level.